Brzezinka won in the first race

Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2017-03-27

SMC bästa förarna

Hello racers!

Congratulations with new season begining.

First race finished with victory of Martin Brzezinka. All 16 drivers scored their first points this season.

There were some incidents, followed by some penalties, but overal drive was pretty much clean, which is another prove of GoKart PRIX high level drivers skills.

Published results are official, and a little bit more information is ongoing...


Championship Stats 2017
TOP 10 Drivers




1 Martin Brzezinka 31
2 Emil Ostman 26
3 Rasmus Oscarsson 23
4 Alex Johnson 20
5 Martin Krus 18
6 Cezary Blawat 18
7 Bart van Wijngaarden 14
8 Anatoly Hramov 13
9 Igor Scavlev 12
10 Kamil Siewert 11
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Registered Drivers
1 Martin Brzezinka
2 Emil Ostman
3 Tomas Jancauskas
4 Bjorne Oscarsson
5 Robert Borkowski
6 Slawomir Wachowski