2018 Season end analysis (Full text)

Posted by FKC on 2018-10-22

With 2 stages left until the end of season we decided to analyze the chances of those who mathematically can become 2018 champion. At this point we have only 3 candidates left: Andreas, Martin and Niklas. Anatoly Hramov lost this chance after the last race in Enköping: if he wins both upcoming races being on pole positions and setting best lap times in both of them, and Andreas won’t show up or will be disqualified from the race, both time they will have the same amount of points with the same amount of victories. In this case tie-breaker will be settled by the amount of 2nd places. And Anatoly will have only one of them against two for Andreas. On the 3rd place at the moment is Niklas Enholm. In order to keep his hopes for the championship alive he needs to win at least 12 points from Andreas in Dalarna. Here are the possible scenarios to match this outcome:

Championship Stats 2018
TOP 10 Drivers




1 Andreas Lamnerius 238
2 Martin Brzezinka 206
3 Niklas Enholm 193
4 Anatoly Hramov 172
5 Emil Ostman 138
6 Slawomir Wachowski 135
7 Igor Scavlev 135
8 Tomas Jancauskas 122
9 Jarek Kwapisz 84
10 Mattias Norling 81
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Registered Drivers
1 Tomas Jancauskas
2 Martin Brzezinka
3 Anatoly Hramov
4 Francisco Francisco
5 Igor Scavlev
6 Niklas Enholm