GoKart PRIX Birthday in Enköping

Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2016-07-21

GoKart PRIX Birthday T-shirt

Hello racers. As we are celebrating 2-years birthday, we are going to give those T-shirts for the TOP 3 drivers in Enköping. Traditionally, there will be coffee and fika for everyone, and Sparkling wine on podium. Medals for Top 6 as usual. July is season of vacations and we do not see big activity, but we really hope then we will be a little bit more then 8 currently registered participants. Enköpings Kartingbana is the most popular track of championship, according to your votes. It is famous with very equal gokarts and amazing track configuration. See you on track!

Championship Stats 2016
TOP 10 Drivers




1 Cezary Blawat 74
2 Martin Brzezinka 59
3 Anatoly Hramov 47
4 Andreas Oldeskog 47
5 Karlis Ligeris 41
6 Viktor Gars 38
7 Martin Krus 34
8 Emil Ostman 34
9 Slawomir Wachowski 27
10 Igor Scavlev 26

Ladies CUP 2016
TOP 5 Ladies




Next Race
Enköping GoKart PRIX Enköpings Kartingbana
30-Jul-2016 13.00

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Registered Drivers
1 Andreas Oldeskog
2 Viktor Gars
3 Cezary Blawat
4 Emil Ostman
5 Alex Stedt
6 Tomas Jancauskas
7 Igor Scavlev
8 Anatoly Hramov
9 Oskars Karlsons