Alex Johnson wins gokart Euro 2016 in Uppsala

Posted by FKC on 2016-06-26

Rörken Motorstadion Podium - GoKart PRIX Stage 5

GoKart PRIX had it’s own Euro 2016 in Uppsala. 16 drivers represented Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania and The Netherlands. Rörken Ring offered 13 new gokarts that, comparing to last year’s race, were faster and had less performance difference between each other. There were 2 groups of 8 drivers racing on the track. Joel Pettersson, brother of last year’s winner Thomas, wanted to take another gold medal into the family. But this year competitors were much stronger. And we could tell it already only by the fact that the best lap time of the whole race was shown in qualification in group 1 on colder tyres! As a result it was a Championship rookie Alex Johnson who won the pole...

Championship Stats 2016
TOP 10 Drivers




1 Cezary Blawat 74
2 Martin Brzezinka 59
3 Anatoly Hramov 47
4 Andreas Oldeskog 47
5 Karlis Ligeris 41
6 Viktor Gars 38
7 Martin Krus 34
8 Emil Ostman 34
9 Slawomir Wachowski 27
10 Igor Scavlev 26

Ladies CUP 2016
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Registered Drivers
1 Andreas Oldeskog
2 Viktor Gars
3 Cezary Blawat
4 Emil Ostman
5 Alex Stedt
6 Tomas Jancauskas
7 Igor Scavlev
8 Anatoly Hramov